“Why Do You Want To Work For Us?”

This is another tricky question which probes for what is motivating you to interview for the job, and tells the interviewer if you have at all researched the company and understand who they are and what they do.

A few minutes spent reviewing their website, press releases, mission statement, community involvement and present progress helps you determine why you want to work for them, and gives you a rich resource of information on which to base your questions.

If it is because of their market position, the way they serve their customers, or the esteem in which they are held in the community, tell them that you identify with their style and methods of doing business. Point out the new projects they have, the causes they support that you identify with, the interest you have in joining forces and how your career path is inline with their corporate growth goals.

Invest time in learning about them and then ask questions to develop a deeper understanding about the company. This step puts you in a different light to applicants who do not see the advantages of exploring the company’s strengths  and progress with the interviewer. It is an excellent way to create buyer interest in the employer because many people do not ask these types of questions.


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