Determine What The Right Fit Is For You.

Why is one person chosen over another when both may have almost equal qualifications and experience?

Very often, a hiring decision is influenced by how the interviewer/s feel about the person that they select. After all of the testing, panel interviewing, assessment and evaluation, it can simply boil down to the decision-maker’s gut feeling. What influences that gut feeling invariably goes back to the attitudes and values that were expressed in the first and subsequent meetings – first impressions count.

Employers not only want to believe that you can do the job and have the knowledge and experience to handle the challenges that may arise; they want to believe that you will fit the team. They also want to see reflected in you those attitudes and values that they feel comfortable with. An employer wants to reduce the chance of friction between team members, and will look for people who harmonize with the work group’s ethics and team spirit. In addition, there may be a broader corporate personality or image by which a firm is perceived in the marketplace, and the hiring manager may look for attitudes and values that mirror that image in the marketplace.

How do you determine whether your own attitudes and values are in harmony with those of the potential employer? Ask what attitudes and values the interviewer feels are necessary to do the job and fit the team. If they have different expectations than what you have to offer in attitudes and values, it is best to know this at the beginning. You won’t help yourself in the long-term by pretending to be what they want, just to get the job.

5 ways to determine the right fit:

  • What are the personal qualities that the employer deems are necessary for someone to succeed in this job?
  • What is the management style of the executive hiring you?
  • How do they respond to a question about why people like to work at this company?
  • How do they describe the team dynamic?
  • What does their mission statement or corporate philosophy highlight as their approach to business?

At the end of the day, it is people working in cooperation with each other that determines the team’s cohesiveness and strengths. Take your time to explore this vital area. The synergy created when different people who respect each other join forces to work together produces impressive result


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