What’s The Difference Between Active And Passive Listening?

Active listening is focusing your attention on what the speaker is saying, visualizing the person behind the voice, and thinking of good follow-up questions to ask . Customer service people in many industries are trained to picture the customer on the other end of the line, to put a ‘smile’ in their voice to establish good rapport. Create the human connection through practicing active listening, and displaying interest and attention throughout your discussion.

Passive listening often involves missing key points that the speaker is trying to make, as you wait for your turn to speak. Interrupting the speaker, not allowing them to finish a sentence or asking for a question to be repeated more than once in a discussion signals a lack of attention.

Offering information that is unrelated to the question they are asking you transmits nervousness to the interviewer. Before you initiate a callback, take a few deep breaths; this creates a calmer inner state, and allows you to speak at a more moderate pace. There is no need to hurry your responses. You make a positive impression if the listener has time to absorb what you are saying.


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