Create Buyer Interest In The Employer’s Mind.

Sports people, high achieving sales people and actors frequently use visualization to enhance their performance and presentations. For an employer to make a hiring decision in your favour, they need to see you working there, and to do that they must identify with what you are saying about yourself, your abilities, and your track record.

Being genuine, projecting your strengths of character, personality, and making the human connection with the employer helps create this buyer interest.

Mentally rehearse how the interview will unfold, what you will say and how you will feel in speaking about who you are and what you can bring in the way of experience, knowledge and achievement to the employer. The more vividly you can see yourself connecting with
the interviewer, the more confidence you will project. Sincere confidence founded on being who you are generates a sense of trust.

Many accomplished speakers practice their speeches in front of a mirror, or will work with a colleague, practicing and polishing their delivery. When salespeople know the features of their product or service and believe in the benefits, they are able to communicate those ideas successfully to the prospective buyer.

The same holds true in interview situations. If you know yourself and what you can do, you can create that buyer interest by being yourself, and presenting your unique features and benefits that the employer can see will bring value to their company.


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