Project Self-Confidence Through Your Voice And Body Language.

The word that most comes to mind to suggest to you to increase the effectiveness of your
presentation is ‘projection’. If you are naturally soft-spoken, a conscious effort to speak more forcefully will be helpful. This doesn’t mean shouting at the interviewer, rather it is about putting more energy behind your words—projecting.

You know what you can do; you have a storehouse of knowledge, the accumulated experience built over years in the industry, and if a potential customer asks you questions about how you do what you do, you have ready answers based on that foundation.

Imagine that you are going in to sell a potential, important customer on the benefits and advantages of using you, as if this is a company that you have identified as having great prospects for revenue for your current employer. You will be on your toes, ready to give it your best shot.

Sell the benefits of you: project the strength of your knowledge and abilities through your voice and body language. Employers respond to self-confidence and belief in what you can do. The best salesmen believe in the products and services that they represent.

Engage the interviewer’s imagination through holding their attention with a smoothly flowing narrative, focused on your proven track record: tell them what you have done with time-frames, results achieved and growth realized.

Facing the interviewer squarely, leaning toward the interviewer, holding their gaze, and using your hands to reinforce a point that you are making are simple techniques to put more power behind your words and the ideas you express.

If you project that confidence in who you are, why you are successful and give concrete
examples of your progress and achievements, you will go a long way toward convincing the interviewer that you are the one to hire.


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