Negotiate More Vacation Time By Suggesting Options To Consider.

It’s important to remember this in negotiating vacation with a potential employer for jobs requiring less experience : Employers sometimes have standard paid-vacation corporate policies applicable to all employees of a certain pay level.

If you have specific vacation plans, bring this to the attention of a potential employer before you get to an offer being made. Otherwise, your assumption that an employer will agree to your request can lead to wasting your time and effort in pursuing the opportunity if their policy doesn’t accommodate your vacation schedule.

One option is to negotiate an agreement whereby you take time off before you start with the new employer. In other words, you provide two weeks notice, and join the new employer one or two weeks following your notice period.

Another option is to seek a compromise with the employer; ask about unpaid time off that you need for your confirmed travel plans. More often than not, employers are willing to provide a measure of flexibility in giving this type of unpaid leave. You then combine your paid vacation with the unpaid time off.

A third option is to suggest that you receive additional paid vacation in lieu of a higher salary increase as part of your hiring agreement.


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