Resilience Is Grace Under Pressure.

It’s easy to react in anger to frustrations and disappointments.

Things will not always go the way you want them to in your working life.  Disappointments will happen. They are part of life.  The key is how you choose to react to those disappointments and frustrations. If you take everything personally, if you see the world as being against you or others as being against you, then you will feel angry a lot.  If you choose to indulge in anger you’ll soon find it’s spilling out into other areas of your life and affecting the quality of your life, as well as the quality of the lives of people around you.

Over time, when you choose anger as an automatic reaction to the events of daily living, it becomes a habit like any other.  Habits take hold through constant practice. To change any habit that you don’t want requires a choice to choose a different reaction.  The more you choose a different reaction, the more you train yourself and develop new and more positive habits for coping with petty annoyances.

When something happens that would ordinarily upset you, make an agreement with yourself to stop for a few seconds and consider what your response will be.  It’s a conscious choice to become aware of what you are thinking and how you will choose to react to the event that has drawn your attention.  In practicing doing this, you decondition yourself from reacting automatically in anger, and provide a pause for consideration,  then you can choose what your response will be.

Grace under pressure is one of the hallmarks of leadership.


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