Be Clear About Your Salary Expectations With Your Recruiter.

Clarity is essential. Ensure that your recruiter knows what your expectations are. Many people assume that there’s salary flexibility with an employer based on their having the experience and skills required for the job.

Some companies have flexibility for the ideal candidate, others don’t. Some recruiters are vague about compensation levels—especially if they don’t have clear guidelines from the employer. Some employers like to avoid giving anything other than a ballpark range.

Establish the playing field:

▪ What is the mid-range and maximum salary level available?
▪ Has this range been established by the employer (not the recruiter’s guess) ?
▪ What bonus or incentives does the employer offer, and how is this paid?
▪ What criteria do you have to meet to receive incentive income?
▪ When is the first salary review date?
▪ Instead of an annual review, what flexibility exists for a six-month salary review?
▪ What percentage of the company benefits premium is paid by the employer and the employee?

Some recruiters send you in to establish their credibility with a potential employer, convincing you to explore the opportunity—even though you’re earning more than the maximum salary that they know the employer won’t exceed.

This is done for their benefit, and it’s a waste of your time and the client’s. You serve as a useful way to enhance their prestige, as they show their client that they can present quality candidates…

Communicate your expectations clearly to avoid misunderstandings.


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