Seven Warning Signs To Recruiters That Limit Your Prospects For Referral To Their Clients

Recruiters are alert to signals that indicate to them that a candidate may not be suitable to refer. Your recruiter is constantly putting you in front of his/her client, mentally, imagining how you will present yourself, and whether you meet the criteria for hiring established by the client.

These warning signs factor into a decision to refer or not:

Negative attitudes such as victimization, resentment, grievances with employers and arrogance give pause to recruiters because they want their client to identify with and not be turned off with the people they refer.
Rambling, unfocused responses cause hesitation because clients like clear and focused answers to their questions, and they don’t want you to annoy their client.
Unrealistic salary demands relative to the position under consideration often prevent your referral for review to the client.
Lack of flexibility to accommodate an appointment time for a client’s busy hiring schedule.
Low buyer interest due to a poorly constructed resume, poor grammar and typos, and/or the inability to clearly express what you have accomplished, learned and want to achieve is a major stumbling block to referring you.
Many moves from company to company that aren’t contractual ones, and/or backward moves in title and responsibility are a concern to recruiters because their clients expect evidence of stability and forward progress in a candidate’s work history.
Long, unexplained periods of unemployment raise red flags because this issue raises other questions about employability, self-motivation, and work performance competence.


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