Increase Your Visibility When Applying By Email.

With hundreds of resumes that we receive every week from all over North America, it is surprising to see how many submissions can be improved by following a few easy steps to improve visibility. It is vital to your interests to get noticed quickly among the many applications pouring in to most job postings.

  • Save a resume document in your own name

Many resume readers aren’t the final hiring manager. Assistants are used to pre-screen submissions. These assistants won’t spend any more time than is necessary on your document. Give the reader your name to refer to without them having to change the file name to save and find you on their desktop.

  • Combine 2 or more attachments into one document

Multiple attachments take time to save and process. Combining two or more documents into one streamlines both the review and the processing of the email. You run the risk of your cover letter, which may include important information being separated from your resume when emails are processed and passed on. Eliminate that risk. I’ve seen message that had nine attachments.

  • Use standard document formats: .doc, .pdf, .rtf or .txt.

Sending a resume saved in an exotic file format or as a .jpg that the reader can’t scan and/or open to read guarantees that the message will not progress further.

  • Eliminate the use of multiple pictures which increase the file size

Some email systems or email preferences may be set to automatically delete large files. Reduce the file size to avoid this problem.

  • Save a standard introductory letter in the Drafts folder to modify, according to the position applied for, including your telephone contact details.

Many virus messages have no text in them. Combine this with an anonymous resume file, and you are asking to be overlooked. Confirm to the reader that a live human being sent the message by adding contact information.

  • Use the Subject line effectively

Blank subject lines convey the impression of a lack of preparation or interest. The subject line is your first opportunity to command attention. Use the subject line to identify why you’re writing in a few, short words, identifying the position title.

  • Paste the text of your resume in the email message

Be visible to the reader, and easy to find. Instantly connect with the reader by pasting your resume text in the message, in addition to attaching your resume. A decision to move forward may be made in the few seconds that you have the reader’s eyeballs. Make it easy for that decision to happen.


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