Mind The Gap: Explain Breaks In Your Resume Timeline.


Hiring managers and their assistants scan many resumes looking for that elusive candidate that checks off their hiring criteria boxes.

An unexplained and extended gap in your work history, or neglecting to note a contract position, runs the risk of your resume not reaching the ‘A’ folder for closer review.

You don’t want the hiring manager uncertain about what you were doing in the time that is unaccounted for in your resume.

There are many reasons other than contractual work why people have gaps in their work history:

• Parental leave due to a new birth
• Staying at home to raise children
• Falling ill and having to resign your position
• Terminated unexpectedly with or without cause
• Downsized/restructured due to an acquisition or merger
• Attending to a sick parent, child or spouse for extended health care
• Finalizing estate issues overseas for deceased parents
• Travel due to taking an extended sabbatical period
• Returning to school to obtain advanced academic training
• Moving to a new city/country because of a spouse’s promotion

When an employer sees missing months—-or years—with no explanation, doubt and hesitation to pursue the candidate influences his/her thinking.

Briefly describe the circumstances that required the gap in employment and you will eliminate the employer wondering why there is a break in your work history.

In an interview, reinforce that sense of transparency by being honest and forthright about specific circumstances, and your integrity will speak for itself.


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