“What Are The Key Issues Facing Our Industry And Company In This Market?”

Stay aware of factors that affect the business climate; the challenges of new technology, regulations, inventions, trade agreements, labour issues and shortages—anything which presents a new trend or direction that involves change. News articles that describe these issues are found in leading publications, and sometimes highlighted on the company’s website in their News Feed.

A page in our own site: http://buckleysearch.com/2015resources.htm links you to many trade journals where these topics receive daily and weekly exposure. Your market awareness and observations highlight your interest in the company and the factors that could impact on their business.

Your preparation, research and awareness of what is important to the company strengthens your appeal as a candidate, when they compare candidates with similar strengths and experience and have to make a tough decision on which one to hire.


Education Is A Vital Building Block To A Progressive Career.


Review your options through linking to leading industry education providers. Here are some useful resources:

http://buckleysearch.com/education.htm – Our page of links to Education Programs & Resources

http://www.careersinsupplychain.ca/education-training/education-and-training-resources/ – CSCSC’s Education & Training Resources section.

http://www.supplychaincanada.org/en/accreditations – CSCSC’s National Accreditation Program – A listing of 43 programs that have received accreditation from the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council.

After 25 years of recruitment experience, we see the value of industry education has been proven to be influential in hiring decisions in the vast majority of the key positions we have placed.

Some notable industry education providers: CIFFA l CSCB l CITT l Logistics Institute l SCMA l APICS l MHMS l IATA l FITT l NCBFAA