Beware Of This Gmail Phishing Technique Used By Hackers

Word fence’s Mark Maunder’s Security blog is a timely warning on an effective technique being used by hackers to obtain your information.

Maybe time to change your password?

Check if your email address has been hacked in any major data breach, including LinkedIn’s of May, 2016. See: to check your status.


Ensure That Your Online Resume Is Consistent In Your Email, On LinkedIn, And On Indeed.

We have seen people lose out on opportunities to be interviewed due to their having different versions of their resumes posted on different sites. Combine that with a resume emailed that differs from the online presentation/s and you have the potential for confusion.

Employers check people out on online, so it is easy to locate and compare resumes posted on different sites with a name search. If you forget to update your resume with a current position or title, or if you have different dates for companies you worked for, or different companies and jobs appearing on different resumes, you reduce the chances to receive a call or a message about the job you are applying for.

While most employers will give you the benefit of the doubt on minor discrepancies, significant differences found between resumes close doors to opportunity, and they won’t always tell you why you weren’t chosen.

Take a few minutes to check that your LinkedIn profile and other posted resumes match dates and companies, and the resume that you attach to an email, or have for download on skydrive-type sites reflects accurately your work history. This is in your best career interests to do.