What Questions Can I Ask In A First Interview?

Preparation is key to a successful interview. It is a two-way discussion. At some point, usually at the invitation of the interviewer, you can ask questions to better understand the scope of the position, its requirements, the training provided and how your performance is assessed.

Ask questions to learn what their expectations are and what degree of support you will receive.

  • What will I be doing on a typical workday?
    Determine what your daily responsibilities are if this is unclear from the job description.
  • What training will I receive?
    Establish how long you will receive training and what it consists of.
  • How will you evaluate my job performance?
    Understand how they measure performance and what the expectations, priorities and challenges are.
  • Why do people like to work here and what is the company culture like?
    Companies have personalities like people do, attracting individuals with shared values.
  • What will be the toughest part of my job?
    The answer to this question zeros in on what the key challenges are
  • What qualities do you look for in the people you hire?
    You need to identify with these attributes to fit the profile they have in mindThoughtful questions asked in an open-ended format to gather impressions and information help you decide if this company is a good fit for you.

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