Have The Facts Of Your Achievements At Your Fingertips.

Write down key points of your contributions, achievements, ideas implemented and other items that illustrate your strengths and value to your employers.

  • How was your performance measured?
  • What did you achieve in new sales development?
  • What percentage of growth of revenues was achieved?
  • How did you win or keep those customers?
  • What steps did you take to identify and solve key problems?
  • What procedures did you need to create to achieve the goals?
  • How did you create value for your past employer?
  • What problems are you able to solve for this employer?
  • How will you make this potential employer’s company/department better?
  • What examples of leadership can you provide?
  • How did you assist other colleagues in reaching their objectives?
  • What recommendations that you made were adopted by the company?
  • How did your efforts improve bottom-line profitability?

Create a compelling narrative that tells the story of your work history, focused on what you have done to create, improve, increase, resolve and enhance the company’s business and its standing in the eyes of its customers.

These key points create buyer interest and help you move forward in the selection process.


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