Are You Waiting For A Hiring Decision?

There’s a world of difference between an attitude of positive and patient perseverance, versus an attitude of grudging acceptance, or enforced restraint.

When you want something to happen, an inner agitation can build. This is especially noticeable when you’re waiting for other people to make up their minds about a hiring decision, and you have no control over their decision-making.

Your ego may suggest ways and means or shortcuts to influence the situation. Be careful when you find yourself trying to influence someone else’s decision.

People make up their minds in their own time, and for reasons that may have nothing to do with what you want to have happen.

Vacation schedules, changes in corporate direction, or other unknown internal shifts in policy can all affect the process.

It helps to philosophically accept that if this is the right opportunity for you, that will become evident in the fullness of time.


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