Put First Things First To Meet And Master New Challenges.

To meet any challenge, major or minor, put first things first.

You need to ask yourself: What is truly important in what I plan to do?

Are you bogged down with a lot of detail? Simplify your approach, and stick to the essentials.

A plan that has too much detail doesn’t allow for flexibility to accommodate changes in direction or events that are beyond your control.

10 Steps To Take To Meet Your Challenges

  • Define the challenge, risks and rewards
  • Establish how long it will take to achieve completion
  • If the project is a big one, break it down into its component parts
  • Establish the time required to complete each individual step
  • Determine what resources you require, in terms of materials, research, or other support
  • Commit your plan to paper, or otherwise externalize it so that you have a blueprint for action
  • Track your progress, noting whatever adjustments are required along the way
  • Devote a certain amount of time every day to building a pattern of consistent actions
  • Streamline your planning and your efforts so that you stick to the essentials required
  • Be flexible to accommodate changes in direction or unexpected events

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