Gain The Cooperation Of Less Receptive Or Supportive Colleagues In A New Job.

What about working with people who are less receptive or difficult by nature but otherwise competent at what they do?

It’s easier relating to people whom you like; it’s more of a challenge for you to find common ground with people who may be indifferent, or even hostile. Fortunately, it isn’t usually hard to recognize these people in a company; their attitudes and behaviour identifies them immediately!

Ask them their opinion about a process or procedure. Giving them the respect that they feel that they deserve is one way of disarming prickly people. Acknowledge their experience and skills when seeking assistance from them; most people want to be recognized for what they know and what they’ve contributed.

Ask people with more seniority in the company and who are friendly and approachable in nature their advice on how best to approach the person. Ask your new boss how you can work successfully with this person so that the company benefits.


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