Don’t Be Rushed Into A Hiring Agreement.

The most important time to exercise patience in the hiring process is in the final stages when an offer of employment has been extended to you. It is easy to rush the process in order to close the deal.

When you receive the offer and hiring agreement, take your time to go through your offer and hiring agreement (they are often two different documents), and consider what you are committing to.

Sometimes pressure is put on you either by a recruiter who is representing the position, the employer who is eager for you to sign off so they can turn their attention to other priorities, or even a family member who wants the security that comes with a signed offer and hiring agreement.

If you receive pressure from the recruiter it is usually because recruiters want to close the deal and move on to the next priority. Some recruiters who are less than concerned with their client’s welfare may try bullying tactics, essentially brushing off your concerns and strongly suggesting that you overlook points that you would like to question or discuss. This can happen if you are between jobs and have expressed a degree of anxiety about being gainfully employed again. Stand your ground and send a message, documenting your way along, explaining what you would like to review.

Verbal agreements cannot be verified in the future because they are words and they are not recorded. Discuss the situation with the recruiter or human resources representative but follow through to clarify your understanding by email.


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