It’s For You…The Quality Of Your Telephone Voice.

Man giving an old red telephone to a woman

Customer service professionals know that how to project sincerity and interest to the caller creates trust and confidence in the listener.

Value judgments are made within the first 15 to 30 seconds of speaking to someone on the telephone based on attitude, style of the speaker and visualizing the person on the other end.

People have an inner radar which picks up on a person’s sincerity, genuine interest, and spontaneity. Your desire to communicate positively about your experience, skills and abilities projects on the phone.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, or how little, making the human connection is a process of the interviewer identifying with the person they are speaking to on a basic level.

The hiring manager pictures how you will sound to their customers, colleagues, and other team members, and your ability to project warmth and what’s referred to as a ‘smile in your voice’ often decides the next step in the hiring process.

Many companies train their front line customer service employees on effective telephone techniques. Rather than talking at the telephone, they are trained to visualize the caller, and create a sense of empathy and willingness to listen and serve.

To see how you sound to others, record yourself and playback, noting your attitude, tone, and the overall quality of your presentation. This is a very helpful exercise to identify where to improve your speaking style, while retaining the essence of who you are.


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