Simple Errors In Employment Dates On An Application Affect Your Job Search.

It’s the little things that can trip you up in your job application.

Candidates are derailed in the hiring process due to simple errors that raise concern or suspicion in the employer’s mind.

A case in point is where an employer receives a resume with certain employment dates, then, after doing a casual LinkedIn profile review or Indeed resume search, discovers that the dates on the resume don’t match the time frames on the profile.

For some sticklers for total accuracy, this is enough to halt the review process. Other employers prefer to give the benefit of the doubt. They may check their internal resume bank to see if the candidate has applied before, and then compare notes, to see if any other discrepancies exist.

Accuracy in these resume details is of vital interest to you. You don’t want your application rejected for innocent errors. It takes just a few minutes to check and ensure that any online resume information you have is consistent.

It’s another matter altogether if your resume has different dates or different companies in different versions posted online. In this instance, employers are less likely to give benefit of the doubt and will simply move on.

The other area of a resume is the Education section. Here, you want to avoid any confusion about whether or not you graduated from a program, and if the year noted of graduation agrees with other online profiles.

It’s competitive for all positions that you apply for. Give your resume a fighting chance to be seen and considered.

Do you have accurate and consistent information posted on all of your online resumes?


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