Quitting Without Notice: Taking A Stand, Or Rolling The Dice?

Rolling red dice

Quitting without notice is an impulsive decision that happens in the heat of the moment, and affects your career progress.

This may seem like an exercise in common sense and obvious advice, but people incur unforeseen problems when they take that stand. Quitting without giving notice is an avoidable mistake. You are taking a gamble with your security and reputation.

You realize that due to poor communication or treatment, there is no light at the end of this particular tunnel. Promises have been broken, and you see no path forward with your present employer.

Frustration builds until one day you say to yourself that you’re done, get up, march out of the office and vow not to return. You figure that you’ll just get another job. You rationalize to yourself that you won’t give notice, you’ll just up and quit and they can send the separation papers in the mail.

Stop. Reconsider what you are doing. This isn’t serving your best interests.

It isn’t a good idea to make any decision based on emotions. In a cooler frame of mind you’ll see that there are certain disadvantages to leaving without notice that outweigh whatever degree of satisfaction or relief that you feel about just getting out of there.

Why you shouldn’t leave your job suddenly without a backup plan in place:

  • Leaving a job without another job in the wings is assuming that you will be rehired in short order
  • Neglecting to give adequate notice will often affect the employment reference you receive
  • Not giving notice may be seen as being unmanageable or impulsive
  • Your decision-making and judgment may be called into question by a potential employer
  • The salary range offered to you may be less than you expect because you are now between jobs
  • Hiring managers have a hard time understanding why someone would just up and quit
  • Your stability and reliability may be suspect
  • Leaving your employer in the lurch also affects the interests of the customers of the company.
  • A potential new employer will think twice—what stops you doing this with their customers in the future?

A long term employee leaving suddenly creates significant impact.

As tough as your current situation is, you owe it to yourself to find and secure a good employer before you leave your present one. There are greener pastures to consider.

It may take a little time but the effort is worth it when you make a smooth transition to a better future.


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