Keeping Good People – Part 3: Mentors

Standing out from the crowd

Relationships, plus clearly defined goals, and a sense of shared vision and commitment are the bonds that keep a team pulling in the same direction. The best managers are inclusive, and create a stimulating and positive working environment.

Internal mentors are a powerful resource for developing staff, for their personal growth and the company’s future development.

7 Traits Of A Good Mentor:

  • Cares about colleagues having the tools and knowledge to be successful
  • Leads through hands-on examples and real time problem solving
  • Encourages feedback and the input of employee ideas to solve problems
  • Shares experience and knowledge, and builds the competence and confidence of coworkers
  • Follows up on employee progress, offering positive and constructive observations
  • Respects colleagues and is in turn respected throughout the company
  • Values continuous improvement and learning and promotes industry education

The best mentors take an interest in other people and seldom have hidden agendas, giving freely of their time and attention, guiding, counselling, and discussing decisions and scenarios that arise in the course of daily business.

They awaken the desire to grow by challenging the people that they mentor to stretch themselves, and move beyond their comfort zones. They ask the right questions and practice active instead of passive listening. They are able distill complex subjects and communicate with confidence and authority.

They not only impart knowledge, they inspire and lead the mentee towards discovering their inner potential. They see the talent and ability in others and encourage the fullest expression of it.

Mentors follow the career progress of those employees that they were involved with as these people set out on career paths outside the company. They are consulted for feedback and advice.

Mentors are missed when they leave their employer and their shoes are not easily filled.

Employers who give respect and recognition to the mentors in their midst gain their loyalty in return.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin


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